RingCentral vs Zoom: Which is Best for you

It’s beautiful extreme to suppose the advanced work environment without video conferencing calls, online gatherings, and inaccessible conferences.

My commerce actually depends on these sorts of apparatuses to operate on a day-to day premise. From one on one gatherings to screen share recordings, video based devices overwhelm my toolkit.

No ponder so numerous program instruments exist capturing showcase share. The best two video conferencing computer program instruments are Zoom and RingCentral.

But which of them takes the top spot?

That’s what I’m going to explore in this post today. Along the way, I’ll also give you a detailed comparison of the significant features of each tool and how it might apply to your business.

Revelation: I get associate emolument for a few of the joins underneath value to you on the off chance that you choose to buy a paid arrange. In any case, these are the two best instruments that I have utilized when conducting video conferences. You’ll perused our full partner revelation in our protection approach.

RingCentral vs Zoom: Overview

Before hopping into the comparison of RingCentral vs. Zoom, let’s take a few time to get it each company and product.

What is RingCentral ?


When it comes to long-distance communication and video conferencing, RingCentral is one of the showcase pioneers. The company offers cloud-based communication and informing arrangements for businesses, extending from video conferencing to screen sharing tools.

RingCentral was begun in 1999 by Vlad Vendrow and Vlad Shmunis and has developed as an master in this space. The company offers administrations such as VoIP, Fax, and PBX frameworks for expansive and little businesses.

Although I’ll be talking fundamentally around the brand’s video conferencing arrangements, it offers much more than that. There are a few items beneath the RingCentral brand, such as RingCentral Gatherings, RingCentral Office, and their most recent securing: Glip.

Some Key Highlights Of RingCentral’s Video Communications Arrangements Include:

Deferent members: RingCentral’s video arrangements permit you to welcome up to 200 participants

Superb clarity: Let’s you encounter completely HD sound and video

Comprehensive Security: Watchword secured gatherings that anticipate unauthorized access

Ease of Utilize: Basic and natural assembly setup

Global Scope: Nearness in more than 80 nations all over the world

What is Zoom?

Zoom review

Zoom needs exceptionally small presentation in today’s world, where web conferencing has ended up portion and allocate of work. It’s a cloud-based group communication device utilized by little and medium businesses as well as expansive corporations.

Apart from video calling, the company has propelled Zoom Phone, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Video Webinars. It’s moreover prevalent all through the world for holding online classes and real-time preparing and onboarding.

As a stage, Zoom is exceptionally simple to utilize and adaptable. You’ll utilize it to begin business communications inside seconds. It moreover contains a number of other highlights such as record sharing, farther get to, and real-time altering highlights.

A few Key Highlights That Zoom Offers Include:

Global Scope: Sound and video calls all over the world

Detailed Analytics: Reports and after-meetings analytics that uncovers fundamental insights

Multiple Integrative: Effectively coordinating with vital apps such as Slack and Gmail

Recording Highlights: Screen capture as well as session recording

High Clarity: Greatly clear sound and video reception

In a nutshell, both apps are awesome for video gatherings, but I’ve found that their center is somewhat distinctive. Whereas RingCentral centers on giving bound together communications arrangements based on its VoIP biological system, Zoom is more concerned with speedy video and sound gatherings.

Another difference is that to use Zoom, all participants need to download and install the Zoom app. In the case of RingCentral, only the host needs to download the app, and the other attendees can join via any browser such as Chrome.

If you have a feeling that RingCentral or Zoom aren’t quite the right tools for you, check out my Zoom alternatives post.

RingCentral vs Zoom: Pros and Cons

When you’re looking for the best HD video tool, then there are a lot of complementary and conflicting features that you have to consider. After all, each platform has so many features that it can get somewhat mind-boggling.

To assist you overcome this disarray, here’s a speedy breakup of the stars and cons of each.

RingCentral Stars And Cons.

  • High video quality
  • Easy and natural interface
  • Easily make switches between versatile and desktop
  • Excellent informing highlights, counting GIFs, emojis, and memes
  • Easily scalable
  • Multiple welcome channels
  • Integration with apps like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Teams
  • Single-click gather chats
  • Fully customizable dull mode


  • Too numerous updates
  • Multiple items can get confusing

Multiple items can get confusing

Zoom Aces And Cons.


  • High-quality video
  • On-site as well as cloud recording of calls
  • Easy gather video call and conferencing features
  • Single-click assembly creation
  • Dedicated Zoom Gatherings equipment within the shape of Zoom Rooms
  • Dedicated client support Extreme ease of use
  • Support for a expansive number of participants
  • Smooth integration with third-party apps such as Google Calendar


  • A expansive number of memberships and add-ons
  • The got to download and introduce the app

RingCentral vs Zoom: Comparison

Now simply know the essentials almost RingCentral and Zoom and have a clear thought of each stage, let’s compare each agreeing to its noteworthy highlights. I’ll cover the fundamental viewpoints of both stages here.

Some time recently beginning the comparison, let’s make one thing clear both Zoom and RingCentral have numerous items for encouraging group communication. To keep the comparison at standard, I’ve chosen to compare Zoom Gatherings with RingCentral Gatherings and Glip.

Another reason for centering on Glip is that when comparing Zoom with RingCentral Gatherings or RingCentral Office, it’s truly an apples to oranges comparison. Glip and Zoom Gatherings, on the other hand, are both devoted to video gatherings and can be compared.

1. Video Conferencing Call Quality

RingCentral gloats of a close 100% uptime, and you’ll at times discover the benefit glitching. With HD video calls at 30fps and energetic resolutions, you’ll be able to induce that face-to-face feeling that comes with an real meeting.

Along with the over, RingCentral permits you to test the live stream some time recently really beginning the assembly. This makes a difference to guarantee that your association is stable, and you don’t need to battle with keeping up communications.

Another viewpoint of the RingCentral app that I like is that it offers numerous screen sees such as draggable and movable screens, dynamic speaker, and display. It indeed gives you with apparatuses for decreasing foundation commotion for improving the sound encounter.

Comparable to the RingCentral video app, Zoom moreover offers high-quality 30fps video and different screen sees. In any case, the one regard where Zoom has an advantage over RingCentral is that it can appear up to 49 dynamic screens, though RingCentral underpins fair 16.

The Zoom app lets you apply numerous video channels that upgrade your appearance on video. You’ll indeed alter the video quality based on the encompassing lighting. Both Zoom and RingCentral let you employ virtual foundations such as a company symbol or custom backdrop.

Victor: Zoom

While both apps offer comparable capabilities, Zoom has the edge over RingCentral in that it gives a more prominent number of concurrent assembly screens. It’s moreover more customizable because it gives video channels and encompassing lighting adjustments.

2. Planned Meetings

Zoom and RingCentral are once more comparable when it comes to planning gatherings. Both administrations let you switch effectively from chat messages to video conferencing. For Zoom, you’ll be able utilize either the iOS or Android portable app or the net app.

In case you’ve coordinates Zoom with Google Calendar or Viewpoint, at that point planning of gatherings can be done from these apps as well. It all depends on the arrange you’re subscribed to and the consent level that you simply have within the app ecosystem.

After you’ve scheduled the Zoom assembly, you’ll be able protect it employing a watchword. You’ll be able moreover title and topically categorize the assembly and after that produce a assembly ID to share with other participants.

Using Zoom, you’ll be able set up gatherings to be one-time undertakings or indeed repeating ones. For cautioning members, you get to utilize mail or thrust notifications.

In the event that you’re utilizing RingCentral Glip, the functionalities are comparative in that it moreover lets you plan gatherings from the app and other calendar integrative. Glip indeed consolidates a committed calendar that you simply can utilize to keep track of meetings.

Winner: RingCentral

When it comes to planning, RingCentral’s Glip has the edge over Zoom with its local calendar. It lets you make teamwise occasions, naturally connect to each participant’s calendar, and indeed color-code the meetings.

3. Collaboration Amid Video Meetings

RingCentral and Zoom are both group collaboration arrangements, and each app gives a few highlights to encourage smooth group communication.

A. Zoom Collaboration Features

Zoom has an coordinates group chatting apparatus that lets you send coordinate as well as team-wide messages.

Zoom lets you employ social media highlights such as mentions and labels. You’ll be able moreover share screen captures, utilize emojis and transfer records, all from the consolation of your chatbox. From introductions to spreadsheets, Zoom bolsters it all.

If you’re utilizing the Zoom smartphone app on different devices, then your chats are consequently synced over all of them. You’ll be able too look your chat histories and check critical channels and contacts for rapidly finding them.

Clients moreover get a nearness pointer that lets them know the precise status of all group individuals. You’ll share thoughts utilizing the virtual whiteboard, and utilize one of a kind highlights such as inaccessible get to and pass moderator. All this makes Zoom perfect for webinars and training.

Finally, the one angle where Zoom surpasses the competition is its screen-sharing highlights. Members in a Zoom meeting can share a see of person windows or the whole desktop. Screens can be shared side-by-side, together with nitty gritty annotations.

Overall, Zoom takes each degree to guarantee simply and your group individuals are on the same page each step of the way.

B. RingCentral Collaboration Features

RingCentral’s Office bundle offers informing and video calls as well as a phone framework. Glip, as it’s committed to video calls and gatherings, gives screen sharing and inaccessible get to functionality.

Its chat instrument is comparable to Zoom’s in terms of ease of use and bolsters private and open messages. You’ll be able too make message strings and look past messages for review communication.

RingCentral Glip makes group creation conceivable both some time recently and amid video calls. It too lets you share and store records through a Google Drive integration. As a result, you’ll get to all basic extend reports from a single interface.

The RingCentral app offers a note-taking instrument, which I feel is colossally valuable, particularly for longer gatherings. The device lets clients see past messages and shared notes and indeed share notes from their accounts with others.

Another angle where RingCentral’s Glip has the edge over Zoom is its built-in assignment administration highlight. Utilizing it, you’ll be able make, relegate and track assignments for your group individuals. It indeed gives a straightforward checklist to keep track of all completed tasks.

Winner: RingCentral

Zoom and RingCentral both offer comparative highlights when it comes to the center functionalities. I feel the Glip interface is more user-friendly and natural. Include to that the assignment administration and note-taking highlights, and you’ve got a standout collaboration device.

The as it were thing which the RingCentral app needs may be a whiteboard instrument. Be that as it may, you’ll overcome this restriction utilizing third-party integrations.

4. Recording Highlights (Counting Screen Sharing)

Recording live gatherings is an basic prerequisite for descendants and reference, and both RingCentral and Zoom permit recording. Be that as it may, the length of the recordings and the capacity given change with each instrument and plan.

Zoom gives neighborhood recording highlights with its free arrange, whereas the paid plans grant you a choice between neighborhood and cloud capacity. It’s vital to keep in mind that as it were has can start the recording: members just get a notice to let them know around it.

Along with recording gatherings, Zoom naturally stores a assembly log. Gatherings can be recorded both on iOS as well as Android gadgets. You too get highlights such as auto-transcription of sound, the capacity to record audio-only, and indeed auto-deletion capability.

RingCentral lets you record sound and video comparative to Zoom, but in case you’re utilizing Glip, you’ll be able to record a greatest of 100 hours of video within the cloud. Too, all gatherings are auto-deleted one year after being recorded.

Both apps have the alternative of sending out assembly recordings and scraps to the group individuals. This way, members can gather profitable data from the gatherings and indeed share them with upper administration on the off chance that needed.

If you need to skip recording certain parts of the assembly, at that point there’s the choice to stop and continue. This makes a difference to protect protection and gives the scope for reveling in casual conversation.

Winner: Zoom

Although RingCentral is the easier-to-use of the two, Zoom’s recording and sharing highlights are prevalent. Moreover, the reality that Zoom has the arrangement for auto-transcription of gatherings gives it the upper hand.

5. Number of Integrations

Let’s conversation around the Glip app here to begin with; actually, it coordinating with numerous apps such as Office 365 and G-suite. But to be able to utilize these integrative, you’d need to overhaul to a paid plan.

Here’s a list of a few apps that Glip can coordinated with:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Zendesk
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier
  • Mailchimp
  • Social media apps (think Instagram, Facebook,Twitter etc.)

In differentiate, Zoom’s free arrange permits you to coordinated with numerous apps and provides a more prominent number of integrative than Glip. It even includes a devoted Zoom commercial center from where you’ll be able discover apps for coordination with Zoom.

Here’s a list of a few apps that coordinated with Zoom:

  • Salesforce
  • Skype
  • Google Drive and G-Suite
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Zapier
  • Office 365
  • Glip

Victor: Zoom

When it comes to integrative, Zoom is the clear champ. It gives devoted APIs for empowering such integrative indeed on the free arrange. In differentiate, RingCentral regularly must confront a part of fire from clients due to integration issues.

6. Compatibility

Zoom and RingCentral both begun as desktop apps, and it’s no ponder that the desktop adaptations have more prominent usefulness. The administrations are accessible on Mac as well as Windows, not to specify iOS and Android.

As you’ll likely tell, versatile apps are a bit constrained when compared to desktop apps. For occasion, the Zoom portable app lets you see a greatest of four video screens at a time, separated from screenshots and chat features.

However, most clients have complained that the chat highlights are lumbering to use on a little screen. You’ll too send and get records, share screens, and co-annotate reports along side the above.

Glip’s portable app is way better planned than Zoom’s and gives all of the highlights that the Zoom app has got to offer. Moreover, since it lets you consistently switch back-and-forth between desktop and portable gatherings, I’d say it’s the more flexible of the two.

Winner: RingCentral

The RingCentral Glip app is more user-friendly and intuitive, and since it allows switching between mobile and desktop, it’s decidedly the winner in this category. User reviews also testify to the same.

7. Analytics Features

Two of the biggest problems with virtual meetings are the lack of attendance and engagement. Thankfully, both RingCentral and Zoom offer analytics and reporting features to help keep track of these metrics.

RingCentral provides you with detailed data on attendance, participant duration, and actions taken during a meeting. This data can help to devise strategies for enhancing meeting efficacy and participation.

Zoom offers a greater level of granularity in that it not only tells you who attended a meeting but also for how long and from which device. It even lets you know about the top ten participants based on the interaction level, time spent, and geographic location.

Champ: Zoom

When it comes to analytics, Zoom takes the upper hand due to its more point by point information focuses. Too, Zoom offers conventional analytics indeed on the free arrange; in differentiate, RingCentral as it were gives analytics highlights with paid options.

8. Client Experience

In terms of client involvement, both apps have their masters and cons, as we saw over. Whereas RingCentral Glip and Office give smooth video employing a centralized UCaaS system, Zoom is less demanding to set up and use.

In later times, be that as it may, Zoom has had a few serious complaints almost security slips. This implies in case you’re a security-minded individual, or in case your gatherings include the trade of private information, Zoom might not be the perfect option.

Winner: Zoom And RingCentral

The champ in this category depends on the use case. In case you’re searching for a quick and simple way to set up online collaboration, go with Zoom. On the off chance that security is the essential concern amid a assembly, RingCentral is superior suited for that.

9. Estimating Plans

RingCentral Glip and Zoom both take after the freemium show, whereas RingCentral Office may be a completely paid option. Within the taking after segments, I’m aiming to break down the estimating plans for each service.

Pricing Plans For RingCentral Office:

Sure hindi
  • Essentials Arrange for $19.99/user/month
  • Standard Arrange for $24.99/user/month
  • Premium Arrange for $34.99/user/month
  • Ultimate Arrange for $49.99/user/month

Pricing Plans For RingCentral Glip:

Sure hindi
  • Glip Professional arrange for $0/month
  • Glip Master+ Arrange for $11.99/user/month (upto 99 users)
  • Glip Professional+ Arrange for $10.99/user/month (over 100 users)

Pricing Plans For Zoom Meetings:

Sure hindi
  • Basic Arrange for $0 Pro Plan for $149.90/year/license
  • Business Arrange for $199.90/year/license
  • United Trade Arrange at $300/year/license
  • Enterprise Arrange at $240/year/license

All costs said are for yearly installment cycles; you’ll be able get rebates in case you’re buying for expansive numbers of participants.

Victor: RingCentral And Zoom

Price-wise, both RingCentral and Zoom offer numerous plans which clients can select from as per their prerequisites. Actually, I think Zoom gives a more prominent assortment, whereas Glip is the more reasonable of the two.

If you need to see how Zoom stacks up against other video conferencing and webinar apparatuses check out my audit of Zoom vs three other competitors.

Who’s The Generally Champ: RingCentral or Zoom?

Now that we’ve come to the conclusion of this comparison it’s beautiful self-evident that both Zoom and RingCentral offer best level products.

In common, in the event that you’re a huge undertaking seeking out for quick and easy video gatherings, Zoom is ideal.

RingCentral Office could be a superior contender in terms of security.

Bottom line is that you just ought to make the ultimate choice based on your necessities, and any inclinations you might have.



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